May/June 2017

In February 2017, the schools showed an outpouring of love and generosity by sending two big boxes full of school and cleaning supplies to a school in New Orleans that had been hit hard by a tornado.  

In March, Reverend Lesley spent a very special afternoon with the children at both schools.  She presented the Easter Story to the children and parents by having them make an Easter Garden, representing the last day of Christ on earth.  The children participated by adding objects from nature to make the beautiful garden that was left in each church during the holy days.  A great big, “THANK YOU” to Reverend Lesley for taking the time to explain why we celebrate Easter.  The children, parents and staff found it to be a truly memorable experience.

After a beautiful spring break, the children continued to enjoy spring by planting seeds, eating hot dogs during baseball days, and going on a field trip to the zoo.  Photo the right was taken at Turtleback Zoo.

In May, the classes will be celebrating Mothers’ Day by having special teas, programs and muffins with Mom.  The school will also be “giving back” and sharing our love for Moms and babies by having a walk-a-thon for March of Dimes:  BBNS will walk on Monday, May 15, and TNS will participate on Tuesday, May 16.

June is coming quickly and the last week of school will culminate with graduations, moving-up celebrations, Father’s Day programs and a visit from the SweetQueen Truck and icecream treats.

The summer program will run from June 12 to August 4 at TNS.

TNS bids a fond farewell to Rita DePasquale, three-year old teacher’s aid, who will be retiring after the end of the current school year.   “Miss Rita” will be one of our substitutes, so will still be seen on campus occasionally.

Lastly, TNS is proud to announce that Marissa McGregor, alum and volunteer at TNS will receive a scholarship to college from our school as she continues her education at Monclair State University.    Marissa has also volunteered at GSEC—Towaco.