Internet Policy

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church established the web site, and related listservs, to facilitate communication and sharing of information within the parish, and also, in the case of the web site, as a medium for evangelism. It is important to remember that the web site and listservs are an extension of our parish and a direct reflection on us as stewards of God's Word.

Certain contents and usage of the web site and listservs may be inconsistent with the church's intent and considered inappropriate. Such uses include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Activities that are illegal or fraudulent.
  • Commercial solicitation or advertising of any commercial services.
  • Activities that violate parishioners' privacy. (This includes posting on the web site home addresses and telephone numbers, or the names of children, except where permission has been granted.)
  • Use of the listservs by anyone other than Good Shepherd parishioners, clergy, or staff.
  • Harassment.

Good Shepherd Church is not responsible for the content of other web sites linked through

Good Shepherd Church reserves the right to restrict, at any time, access to any portions of the web site that are deemed to be of a sensitive nature, by means of passwords or other means.

Good Shepherd Church reserves the right to discontinue any or all online services at any time or to revise the terms or content of this policy.