Words From the Interim Priest

Rev. Canon Lesley Hay


Dear Members and Friends of Good Shepherd Church

The Light shines in darkness…..

Daylight Saving has ended and it gets dark sooner, the foliage has turned into Fall colors, jackets and heating are on, and summer is just a memory. Memories take many forms, some happy and some sad, all meaningful one way or another.

The most recent memory in the life of our church was our All Saints celebration of those we love but see no longer. What we remember at this holy time is not just the brief visible life they shared with us in this world of time and dimension, but the true life that was in them, the life that is light, a light kindled by the one who is the light the life of all people which will never go out. The light that shines in darkness which no darkness can overcome.

Other memories of the past weeks are the Crop Walk and the Wine and Cheese Evening, both major events in our church and community life. Profuse thanks go out to Susan Leeds and those who assist her in making these two events both memorable and successful. The Wine and Cheese Evening is a major fundraiser for the church, at the time of the year we resolve to dig perhaps deeper into our pockets in our pledging, to meet the financial needs of the church. Remembering Mother Teresa’s words giving doesn’t count unless it hurts, gives us food for thought indeed.

Now, looking ahead this month we will be holding dear the memory of those who gave their service and their lives for their country on Veterans Day, and for those who founded this nation at Thanksgiving. Our Interfaith service this year will be at St Pius X Church in Montville. Then Advent will be upon us. This year we will explore some themes for the season in a series of three Theologically Interesting Film Nights, held on Friday evenings sharing food to match each movie – details to come in Flock Flashes in coming weeks.

Memories stay with us, and we continue to make them and re-live them. As we continue to worship and care for each other in our small but vibrant church community, let us hold onto the good, resolve to persevere in the challenges we face, and continue to hope that in our endeavors the gospel message will prevail in our lives, in our church, in our community and in our broken world.

The Rev. Canon Lesley Hay