Wardens Words

Sometimes I remember that I forget that God is right here in the middle of all the upheaval and change we are experiencing. It is going on all around us in all aspects of life, and specifically here at Good Shepherd. This is where we need to "Let go and let God." 

God has a plan for us. We need to trust God to work through us and lead us to where God wants us to go.

We have been very lucky to have both Elizabeth Golub and Ronnie Kopp as supply clergy since David retired. We have them both continuing with us through February. I am looking to find one more person to cover for three days that neither Elizabeth nor Ronnie are available.

Our recent congregation meeting on Sept. 27 with our diocesan consultant, Pat Yankus, went well with good discussion of what we are looking for in a priest. The area of expertise with the most "dot votes" was #10 Preaching, and a close second was #3 Church Growth/Development.

We are about to embark on the stewardship campaign for this year with Dean W. at the helm. We hope to have all our prayerfully considered pledge commitments in early so we can be ready with our budget on time for next year to add to our church profile. 

I am very thankful for our vestry members.  We are all focused on the future of Good Shepherd. We all are aware of the many details involved with the process we have begun. We have our ever demanding "property issues" for which I want to thank our property chairman, Russ G. and his crew for staying on top of the requirements.

Our vestry liaison to our nursery schools, Lynn S., will be organizing the nursery school committee to help with the needs of our schools, including the search for a new director for our Transfiguration Pre-School.

I am especially grateful to my two parish administrators, Kathy and Trina. There is NO WAY I could do this job without their continued help and expertise.

Overall we are doing well, and I know it is because God remains in our midst, even when we forget to remember that God is always with us.

I want to thank everyone in our Good Shepherd family for your patience, commitment and caring as we find our way, together, into our future.
With gratitude, I remain thankfully yours,

Melanie Paul, Senior Warden