November-December 2014 Transfiguration Pre-School

Fire Safety Week at Transfiguration Pre-School

As we transition in the Fall season, the students have been learning about the changes in the weather, enjoying the leaves on the playground and the fun projects that their teachers have prepared for them. Our school is having a Family Feast on Tuesday, November 25. The students are preparing wonderful songs and artwork for that special day. The sense of community is growing within our school. The three classes work together and play together for special activities and the parents love seeing their children enjoying school so much. In December we will be having our Annual Santa Brunch on Saturday December 13. This is another special day when all our families come together.

We invite all the families from Busy Beaver Nursery School to join us for this special day.

During the Fire Safety week, October 6-10, the children were visited by the Montville Fire Department and were able to tour inside the fire truck, as they learned even more about fire safety.