November Activities at Busy Beaver Nursery School

November activities


We are in full swing at Busy Beaver, learning, singing, counting, making friends and, of course, having fun.


November will bring lessons about the letters, N, F, and T and the color brown as well as Teddy Bear Day, Thanksgiving feasts of turkey and the trimmings in both of our classes, and learning to make pumpkin ice cream. We will also have a Dietician visit our classroom to teach the children about healthy eating. November will also bring discussions about our families, our feelings and what we are most thankful for.

December and Christmas are right around the corner. Our classroom is always wonderfully decorated for our December holidays. We will still be hard at work learning our letters, shapes and colors but we will also be making gifts for our Moms and Dads, singing and dancing to lots of holiday songs and hoping for a visit from Santa.