Growing in Christ through Charity

Growing in Christ through Charity

Stewardship 2016

Stewardship: one who is entrusted with the management of

property, finances or other affairs not his/her own. 

This simple definition is at the heart of giving. Why care for things that are not our own? For some of us church is a sometime thing and for others it’s a Sunday thing--no one is keeping score here. It’s simply a reality; we are all busy, I get it. But God is every day, every moment, he is in our midst. We have been entrusted with things which have been passed down from those who have come before us.

I have a long standing in the Good Shepherd Church community. I was baptized and confirmed in Towaco. I was here in Lincoln Park with my Mom for the opening service of the new sanctuary in 1959. I have observed first hand the caring, concern, and love that many have given to this parish over the years. Well now it’s our turn.

We in a sense are “paying it forward” for those who may come after us, in a sense it’s our legacy.

Dean Witty

2016 Stewardship Chairperson

If you did not receive your Stewardship mailing, contact either Parish Office. Stewardship forms can also be found in both locations.