CONFIRMATION is the 'adult commitment' to Christ undertaken by those who were baptized as children, and had vows made on their behalf by their godparents or sponsors, and who now are ready to decide for themselves how they choose to exercise their ministry in the service of Jesus.

Confirmation is a sacrament whereby a youth affirms for him/herself the vows made by their Godparents at Baptism. It is also available for adults who have never been Confirmed or people from other denominations desiring to become fully part of the Episcopal Church. If an adult has been confirmed in another denomination, the ceremony of Reception takes place which recognizes the validity of their previous Confirmation, but also welcomes them officially into the Episcopal Church.

Regarding the preparation of youth, the Confirmation classes are held for deeper conversations and lessons beginning in the 9th grade. Confirmations are held at the Cathedral in Newark in the Spring and our classes will join the youth and adults of other churches in a large celebration.

Preparing adults for Confirmation or Reception is is done during a of study meetings. The individual decides for her/himself when they feel ready.