Busy Beaver Nursery School

Miss Karen's Newsletter 

     Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and the children are blossoming.  In the month of April your children will continue to learn about the weather and how it contributes to the growth of nature.  I think they will really enjoy identifying the clouds in the sky everyday, and hopefully when there's a thunderstorm, they won't be as frightened because they know what makes the loud, booming noise.  We will be making grass seed monsters to help the children learn about the four necessary ingredients to help a plant grow: sun, air, food (soil), and water. Our Ponies are busy writing and practicing their letter sounds.   They are also practicing their rhyming skills which will help them to read words later on.  We are already up to the number 70 with our math cards.  They have been practicing writing their lower case letters alone, without their capital partners.  This is a very hard task to do, but they are doing a great job with it.

    The Bunnies have been working very hard in school.  I think they have become pros at putting together  puzzles, both small and large ones.  They often ask to do puzzles during playtime.  Wow!  The children are placing their number cards in order from 1 to 25.  I place the cards on the table all mixed up and the Bunnies find the correct numbers to put in order.  We always start at the left when we do this.

   The Bunnies have been doing lots of sequencing.  Sequencing sometimes consists of making a pattern and following it through; or putting a sequence of events in order.  Sequencing requires a great deal of thinking skills.  The children practice drawing a conclusion about what might happen in the sequence.  They are doing very well with this.

    The Teddy Bears are practicing their shapes and colors, using manipulatives.  The Teddies are always putting puzzles together and are getting quite good at it without assistance.   Parents should feel free to contact me at any time and are always welcome to visit.  Have a great month, and as always, thank you for entrusting me with your precious child.

Miss Karen.